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Alpha Translations Canada is a global leader in expert legal and financial translations.
We provide rapid and highly accurate translations for law firms and corporations across the world, with the care and attention of a boutique firm and the scalability of a true global reach. 

Expert Legal Translations 


Alpha Translations Canada ensures that your clients have their documents translated accurately into the required languages. Whether your clients need commercial contracts, articles of incorporation or franchising agreements they can feel reassured that their legal documents will have the same interpretation and meaning.
Our translation teams specialize in providing top quality legal translations, and we are well-versed in legal specialized vocabulary. In fact, many of our legal translators are lawyers themselves!

Expert Financial Translations 


At Alpha Translations Canada we provide superior grade financial translations to national and international banks, insurance companies, investment companies, accounting firms and trading houses ensuring that they meet our internal quality assurance standards and reflect the linguistic precision and cultural integrity of the target market. We actively seek to understand your needs and offer innovative and flexible solutions that add value to your business.


Fast and Scalable Solutions


We know that is important to react swiftly to market situations and we are prepared to make the impossible possible.
You can also take the stress out of those last-minute jobs with our other Express Services. We take advantage of the various time zones in which our translator teams are located to coordinate rush projects, making certain that your translation is completed within your schedule. Use Alpha as your secret weapon and competitive advantage in meeting your tightest deadlines.






The specific terminology used in today’s business environment varies from industry to industry. You need qualified experts that have experience dealing with your specific industry in order to reduce your business risks. Alpha Translations Canada only uses interpreters that have the requisite experience for your industry. Alpha Translations Canada language interpretation services will give you that added edge that you need to come out on top in your international negotiations.

Telephone Interpretation

With Telephone Interpretation Services available in over 176 languages, we will be able to help you with your translation needs, no matter what part of the world you find yourself. By simply picking up the phone, you will be speaking with a qualified customer service individual who will connect you to a skilled interpreter immediately. Your phone call will always be answered in 4 seconds or less! And within 19.7 seconds you will be connected with an interpreter. We know that we are not making outrageous claims because we regularly monitor our average speed of answer rates.

Security and Confidentiality

Poorly managed information technology can make it easier for criminals to access and misuse confidential information, but you can rest assured that your information is always safe with us. Through our partnership with Data Room Services GmbH & Co. KG, our clients can feel safe in knowing that their information will be protected by an industry leader in life cycle and online transaction support software, specializing in secure virtual data rooms for managed access of highly sensitive documentation.






Alpha Translations Canada provides timely and scalable solutions for all your specialized translation needs - in any language.
With professional project management and first-rate expert translators around the world, we provide fast and superior translations to our valued customers.
We make the impossible possible!