Alpha Career Centre | AlphaCloud, Secure Data Rooms, Secure Online Team Collaboration, Confidentiality in Translations

AlphaCloud – Introduction


AlphaCloud™ comes with three specific platforms that you might know already:


AlphaCloud Basic -EN

Our Project Manager provides you with job assignments and work instructions you will need to complete your assignment. It also allows you to download the files to be translated and upload the translation later on so that e-mailing of confidential files is avoided. You will be able to keep track of your jobs easily.

Our Collaboration Forum provides you with immediate access to you peers and team mates. You can discuss terminology or project specifics with your colleagues in real-time without fear of disclosing information, Chat about terms and context and much more. In addition you will have access to hour or self training materials (videos and similar) as well as technology forums, Q&A, Tips and Tricks and many more interesting items at your fingertips.

Our Secure Production Environment and Multilingual Asset Management allows you access to all critical information and repositories at your fingertips. No software needed, from any computer anywhere and instantly, yet completely secure concerning confidential materials and similar.