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Application: Translation ~ Proofreading ~ Editing


We want you! Apply with us to become a freelance Translator, Proofreader and Editor within the Alpha Team

Thank you for your interest in joining our Alpha Team as a linguist and taking the time to go through our appliation process.

Our application process consists of answering questions that help us determine the most suited jobs for you. The first set of questions concerns your skills and traits. The Self-Assessment helps us to learn about your areas of expertise and subject matter specialities so that we can determine the best suitable translation jobs for you.

We strongly believe in extended team collaboration. In order for you to become part of an integrated Alpha Team and to collaborate with team members we give you FREE access to our AlphaCloud technologies that consist of three software systems: TMS, Collaboration and Secure Cloud- CAT.


Later on in the integration process, we provide you with training material and e-learning videos to familiarize yourself with our AlphaCloud technologies and give you an insight of our working environment. We are happy to provide you with free training material and support and guide you all the way through any upcoming questions. Please note that access to our software is free and there is no installation required nor you have to purchase any licenses. The programs are easily accessible via web browser.

Application Process for Linguists

To complete your application we would like to ask you to fill in the Application Form within our Plunet Business Manager.

We greatly appreciate your help and volunteering your detailed information for inclusion in our database.


Click here for the Application Form in Plunet Business Manager